Moving Guidelines

  • All moving shall be performed Monday through Friday, between the hours of 6:00 PM – 7:00 AM or on the weekends.  Such work shall be performed after regular business hours and must be approved and authorized by the Building Management in advance.  Any additional Security, Building Engineer or elevator charges resulting from moving performed on weekends or after regular business hours will be an additional cost to the tenant.
  • Moves that will take more than one freight elevator trip to complete, must be done after-hours. 
  • The moving company shall submit a Certificate of Insurance naming Owner & Agent as Additional Insured and include an endorsement.
  • All moving shall comply with the rules and regulations of the building, City, State and Federal governmental agencies jurisdictions.  
  • All movers must sign in with Security prior to daily shifts.  Movers not complying with all Building policies and procedures will not work in the building.
  • All movers must place masonite or protective covering in entry ways and all paths for the duration of moving from the freight elevator.  Any damage to the building will be the responsibility of the tenant.
  • All moving materials and boxes, including pallets, must be removed by the moving company and are not to be disposed of or left at the property.  No pallets are allowed in the freight elevator at any time.
  • Please give the Building Management Office as much notice as possible regarding your move, but at least 48 hours in advance is required.

There is one (1) freight elevator that can be accessed from the loading dock:
Elevator Cab:     78”         wide
                        54”        deep
                        108”       high
The above information is provided for the convenience of the Tenant in communication to its mover.  An on-site review by the mover may be necessary. It serves all floors and has a capacity of 3,000 pounds.